Immigrant Justice
Everyone deserves to move freely, pursue their dreams, and thrive. We’re fighting for a country that honors all families by ensuring they have access to the resources they need and protecting undocumented communities from the deportation machine.

Our vision and work

People with the courage to move for a better life help make our country and our communities vibrant and strong. But right now our federal immigration system is not working to honor these families – fueled by racist rhetoric and policy, and corporate backers that seek to divide us in order to maintain power.

At the local level, leaders are using their power to protect immigrant communities from the deportation pipeline, pass inclusive policies that treat people with dignity, and provide meaningful opportunities for people to participate equally in our society and become citizens in the country they to chose to call home.


Localities Must Reimagine What Inclusive Immigration Policy Looks Like

In this op-Ed, LP members – Mayor Jesse Arreguín and Mayor Daniel Biss – lay out the role that local governments must play in creating inclusive communities and how we can use our collective voice to push the federal government to do more.


Blogs And Featured News

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