Changing What's Possible
At The      Local Level
Local Progress is a movement of local elected officials advancing a racial and economic justice agenda through all levels of local government. We build power with underrepresented communities, share bold ideas and policy among our network, and fight to reshape what is possible in our localities all across the country.

LatEst News:

Our 2024 National Convening is happening in Oakland, CA!

#LP2024 is on and you don’t want to miss it! This year, we’re headed to Oakland, CA on July 25 – 27.

Registration is now closed. We look forward to sharing space with those of you who will be there and sharing memories with those you aren’t able to attend!

Issue Spotlights

All across the country, local governments are advancing the most innovative solutions to our biggest problems and creating new models of governance. At Local Progress, we work on a broad intersectional progressive agenda driven by a vision of racial and economic justice. 

Here we spotlight some of our biggest and rapidly growing bodies of work:


Everyone deserves safe jobs and family sustaining wages. At the local level, we can win safer workplaces, higher wages, and better benefits for all.

Home Rule

Local governments need home rule authority to address the pressing problems facing their communities. New abusive state preemption suppresses local organizing for our agenda for racial & economic justice.


Housing is an essential need. Across the country, localities are working to advance renter protections, increase affordable housing, and build thriving neighborhoods.


We’re fighting for a country that honors all families by protecting undocumented communities and ensuring they have access to the resources they need.


Local governments have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to leverage historic federal funding to advance racial, economic, and climate justice.


Everyone deserves to feel and be safe. Across the country, localities can build real safety by investing in communities and addressing the root causes of instability.


Thriving public schools are the bedrock of a just, multiracial society. With roughly 15,000 school districts in the US, the opportunity & necessity to organize behind a common agenda is clear.

Progressive Governance Academy

Are you newly elected to office? Looking to expand your leadership ?

The Progressive Governance Academy (PGA) is a program designed to help progressive state and local elected officials develop the leadership and governance skills they need to be powerful and effective leaders.

Trainings cover a range of topics including: developing a policy agenda, tools for accomplishing their goals, and navigating complex challenges of governing as an elected official.

Latest News

GET EXCITED! LP’s 2024 National Convening in Oakland, CA on July 25-27!

That’s right – #LP2024 is happening!

State Organizing

We organize and build the infrastructure in key states to impact policy and governance outcomes at the state level. Working together across cities, towns, counties and school boards, Local Progress members engage in strategic campaigns to win pivotal legislative victories at the local level and build state power. 

We currently have fully certified chapters in New York, Texas, North Carolina and Minnesota, and we are organizing across the state in Florida.

Start Organizing In Your State!

Interested in working with local elected across your state to win progressive change at all levels of local government and impact policy outcomes at the state level? 

Get in touch with the LP team to see how!

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