Across small towns, growing cities, school boards and large counties, we share bold ideas, organize trans-local campaigns alongside local partners that meet our communities’ needs, and push back against abusive state preemption.


Local Progress Florida (LPFL) drives progressive change through collaborative governance with local partners and communities. 

While not an official state chapter, our statewide organizing and advocacy over the past few years have pushed local control to the forefront of our state legislative fights.

Our Work & Priorities

In a state where the conservative agenda continues to strip away the rights of everyday Floridians, our work focuses on both fighting against harmful state interference and proactively building the long-term equity our communities need to thrive.

This year our statewide work is heavily focused on housing and protecting local control.

Organizing Committee

As a member-led network, our state work is led by an incredible state organizing committee – a group of LP Florida members that meet regularly to weigh in on policy priorities, propose statewide campaigns, and drive the strategic vision for our work.

  • Sabrina Javellana, Hallandale Beach City Commissioner
  • Alissa Jean Schafer, Broward County Soil & Water Conservation Board
  • Gail Johnson, former Gainesville City Commissioner
  • Joshua Simmons, Coral Springs Vice Mayor
  • Jack Porter, Tallahaasee Commissioner
  • Kelli-Ann Thomas, Miami-Dade Community Council Board Member

Our State work


No matter the issue, local electeds are a critical voice on protecting local control and against abusive state preemption that negatively impacts communities. We develop and implement statewide campaigns to fight abusive state interference.


The results are in: 8 in 10 Florida voters agree state should limit rent increases -- graphic with 8 out of ten humans shaded.

New Poll Finds Bipartisan Support for Limiting Rent Increases

Lawsuit against anti-riot bill’s ‘defund the police’ provision advances

HB 1 posters with blurred viewer looking at them

Localities Stand up for Local Control as HB 1 is Challenged in Court

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