We organize across Colorado to advance a racial and economic justice agenda through all levels of local government in the state.


Local Progress Colorado (LPCO) organizes local elected officials across the state, driving progressive change through collaborative governance with communities and local partners. 

LPCO currently has more than 64 members, representing 32 jurisdictions. 

Our Work & Priorities

Right now, we are in the process of building out the infrastructure to establish a state chapter – with a formal leadership structure and a robust membership – that will be the foundation for statewide organizing and advocacy to come! 


LP Stands with Students and Condemns the Violent Suppression of Free Speech

As a network of local elected officials, we stand in solidarity with students calling for peace and denounce the use of law enforcement or carceral threats to quell discourse and dissent.
A selfie with LPMN members Aisha Chughtai, Robin Wonsley, Jason Chavez, and Aurin Chowdhury; and state reps Senator Omar Fateh and Rep Hodan Hassan

LPMN State Download 🌟 | Local & state action, new co-chairs, National Convening, & more! | June 2024

Over the past couple of months, LPMN members have been fighting for change at the local and state level – from housing to public safety to securing protections for workers. 
LPNC member Mario Benavente speaks with a local elected on the ground in Nashville at a LP event in Nashville, TN.

LPNC State Download 📣 | Protecting local democracy, funding public schools, & more! | June 2024

This quarter’s LPNC newsletter shares statewide updates, calls-to-action, and LP network updates.
The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) building in Washington, DC.

As FTC non-compete case is heard in federal court in Texas, Texas local electeds are standing up for everyday workers

A dozen local electeds in Texas are making their voices heard as the FTC non-compete case is heard in a federal court in Texas next month.

Organizing Committee

As a member-led network, our state work is led by an incredible state organizing committee – a group of LPCO members that meet regularly to weigh in on policy priorities, propose statewide campaigns, and drive the strategic vision for our work.

We’ll be announcing our Organizing Committee soon – so stay tuned!

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