Our identities and lived experiences shape how we show up in this work, how we experience and navigate governing, and how we ground ourselves and step into power.

About Our Caucuses

Local Progress organizes caucuses for members to do work together within shared identities. Caucuses are a safe space for community building, organizing, and collective healing.

We currently have two formalized caucuses: the Black Caucus and the Women’s Caucus

Caucuses meet regularly to set a shared agenda, organize community spaces and activities, and identify specific needs to support elected officials in their governing and leadership positions.

“It is invaluable to have a space to be in community with my peers who share similar lived experiences and know exactly what I’m going through. Being an elected official is hard and we need safe spaces like this in order to share struggles, celebrate victories, recharge, and find joy – because that is how we build resilience in this work.”

– Nancy metayer, Coral springs Commissioner
Black caucus member


The Black Caucus is a space and a community through which we work through unique challenges facing Black leadership. It is a group that celebrates and affirms one another and a source of emotional support through tough moments. We promote fellowship and invest in the health, well-being, and sustainability of our members. As our first identity caucus, it also brings a new intentional courage to our network to live into our values and challenge practices of anti-Blackness.


The Women’s Caucus a space for women and non-binary members from across the network to gather and share their lived experiences in governing. We are building a collective vision creating more avenues to support women and gender non-binary people in office. The Women’s Caucus is open to both current and former LP members who identity as a woman, who identify as a combination of genders, or who do not subscribe a gender binary and feel that this space could serve them.


The Nuestro Caucus is a community where we can celebrate each other, reclaim our culture, and be bold. We value growth and courage, and we will support each other in our policy fights, create opportunities to learn, and hold each other to be steadfast in our values. Together we can be vulnerable, have challenging conversations, and help each other step into our power. The Nuestro Caucus is open to current and former LP members who identify as part of the Latinx community.

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