State Organizing
We organize and build the infrastructure in key states to impact policy and governance outcomes at the state level. Working together across cities, towns, counties and school boards, Local Progress members engage in strategic campaigns to win pivotal legislative victories at the local level and build state power.

State Chapters

A Local Progress state chapter is a statewide organization of Local Progress members with a formal leadership structure, a robust and representative membership, and typically a goal to raise money to hire staff capacity locally. State chapter development and certification is approved by Local Progress’ national board. 

We currently have fully certified chapters in New York, Texas, and North Carolina and Minnesota.

Organizing Within a State

As Local Progress continues to deepen our work in more states, we have a variety of ways we can build our infrastructure to meet the needs of local elected officials and community partners. From caucuses within a single legislative body to metro regional cohorts, we help build informal meeting spaces for LP members to connect and organize together.

We are currently supporting statewide organizing in Florida, California, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

Start Organizing In Your State!

Interested in working with local elected across your state to win progressive change at all levels of local government and impact policy outcomes at the state level?

Get in touch with LP’s Organizing Team which leads our state work and collaborate with staff, members and partners to chart out a roadmap for organizing!

Spotlight On State Organizing