Local Progress New York (LPNY) organizes local elected officials across the state to share best practices and policy solutions across our counties, cities, towns, and villages. Since becoming an official state chapter in 2018, we have united local officials in advocacy to support the Fight for $15, progressive taxation, and automatic voter registration at the state level.

LPNY currently has 211 members across the state, representing 85 jurisdictions.

Our Work & Priorities

Each year, we outline a multi-issue agenda to advance state and  local policies, coordinate trans-local campaigns, and inform advocacy at the state level.

Our key issue areas include housing, community safety, economic justice, and environmental and climate justice.

Organizing Committee

As a member-led network, our state work is led by an incredible state organizing committee – a group of LPNY members that meet regularly to weigh in on policy priorities, propose statewide campaigns, and drive the strategic vision for our work:


  • Robin Wilt, Brighton Town Councilmember
  • Jen Mecozzi, Buffalo School Board Member
  • Dan Aymar-Blair, Beacon City Councilmember
  • Carmen De La Rosa, New York City City Councilmember
  • Tara N. Gaston, Saratoga County Supervisor
  • Michele Hirsch, Kingston Alder
  • Korin Kirk, Bingahmton School Board Member
  • Mary Lupien, Rochester City Councilmember
  • Sandy Nurse, New York City Councilmember

Our Statewide Priorities


Local governments across NY have been working to meet the needs of their residents and stabilize communities by expanding renter protections like good cause eviction and right to counsel. 


In New York, we can build real safety by investing in community needs, violence prevention strategies, and alternative response programs.


Economic justice policies are necessary to ensure that every New Yorker has the opportunity to live and thrive. That includes worker protections, universal childcare, public power and public banking.


From clean water to recycling and solar power, local governments must take action locally and at the state level in building climate justice for our communities. 

Resources and tools


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A white supremacist invaded our city and killed 10 people in a murderous rampage that was rooted in and emflamed by white supremacy and anti-Blackness.

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