We know that the conviction is only a fraction of the true justice that we must work towards.

True justice can only be had when we listen to the cries for change and recognize that our current system of overpolicing and mass incarceration is rooted in white supremacy and reinforced by those who benefit and derive power from it.

True justice must be manifested with the swift decisiveness, dedicated resources, and unwavering commitment to keeping everyone in our communities safe.

True justice will take all of us together to reimagine and rebuild our systems so that they finally and wholeheartedly reflect what we know to be true. That Black lives matter.

Nearly a year after George’s murder forced our country into a moral reckoning, we continue to be reminded of the need to recommit ourselves to this work. Since testimony began last month, at least 64 more people were killed by police.

We don’t have to keep doing this. A different reality — a better, more just reality — is possible.

As local leaders, we stand in solidarity with the undeniable power of people rising up for justice everywhere and we affirm our duty to govern courageously and urgently realize a new way forward.