Public Safety
Everyone deserves to feel and be safe. Across the country, localities can build real safety by investing in communities and addressing the root causes of instability

Our Work and Vision

Real safety is when people have everything they need to thrive — a place to live, a dignified job that provides economic security and access to opportunities, and the resources to care for themselves and their loved ones. For too long, we’ve relied solely on policing and punishment while at the same time underinvesting in public housing, infrastructure, schools, and healthcare – which has caused decades of harm in Black and Brown communities. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

For decades, communities have been modeling and investing in ways that address root causes of harm and violence without criminalization and incarceration. Now, local governments across the country are pushing for and investing in these community-led strategies so their impacts can be widely felt.



Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit is a framework and policy roadmap supporting local elected officials in making exactly these types of changes. The toolkit provides a simple, user-friendly framework for cities to evaluate policies across a dozen metrics ranging from oversight and change to department policies to limiting ICE collaboration.


Investing in Real Safety is a how-to guide for policymakers is a new budget analysis microsite meant to supplement Reform/Transform‘s comparative budgeting tool with in-depth guidance on how to examine how police budgets are structured and how to make investments in the resources that truly create safety.


We succeed when we collectively and consistently drive a shared vision of community safety. Let's Talk Real Safety is a messaging guide that provides local elected officials and their staff with shared language around community safety. It is grounded in the latest research, polling, and nationally-tested messaging.

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Public Safety
Steering Committee

As a membership organization, we believe our work is most impactful when it is informed and guided by members. Bringing a diverse range of expertise and local experience, our Public Safety Steering Committee advises and shapes our work in this area:

  • Kendra Brooks, Philadelphia City Councilmember
  • Tiffany Cabán, New York City Councilmember
  • Sharmarke Dubow, Victoria Councillor
  • Carlos Garcia, Phoenix Vice Mayor
  • Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland City Commissioner
  • Will Jawando, Montgomery County Councilmember
  • Mary Lupien, Rochester City Council Vice President
  • Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez, Chicago Alderperson
  • Arti Walker-Peddakotla, Oak Park Village Trustee
  • Monica Wilson, Antioch Councilmember

Blogs And Featured News

Investing in real safety: the state of LP’s work on community safety

When we released Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit back in 2018, we aimed to create a home base for Local Progress’s policing and public safety work.

School Safety & the Senate’s Bipartisan Gun Control Bill

We need meaningful gun control coupled with the things that build truly safe schools – providing physical, psychological, and emotional safety for all students. That means fully funding our public schools to have the teachers, staff, materials and spaces children need.

Biden’s Proposed 2023 Federal Budget & Community Safety

Earlier this week, President Biden released his FY2023 budget proposal.

New York Can Lead in Reimagining Public Safety. Here’s How.

Reimagining public safety means reorienting ourselves to community needs and community-led safety solutions. In short, public safety is a matter of investment.