Women's Caucus

A Community
And Safe Space.

The Women’s Caucus is a space for women and non-binary members from across the network to gather and share their lived experiences in governing. We are building a collective vision that will create more avenues to support women in office, women who want to run for office, and the women and caretakers in our community. 

The Women’s Caucus is open to both current and former LP members who identify as a woman, who identify as a combination of genders, or who do not subscribe to a gender binary and feel that this space could serve them.


The Women’s Caucus is guided by a leadership committee and two co-chairs who play a critical role in shaping the vision and shared strategy of the caucus. 


  • Johana Bencomo, Las Cruces City Councilor
  • Sherri Jones, Florence Unified School District Governing School Board Vice-President


Leadership Committee:

  • Kate Abel, Borough of Dormont Councilmember
  • Deb Armintor, current LP Texas Steering Committee member; LP Alum: Former Denton City Councilmember (2018-2022)
  • Tracey Bartels, Ulster County Legislature Chair
  • Robyn Gulley, West St. Paul City Councilmember
  • Christine Lewis, Oregon Metro Councilor
  • Julia Marvin, Thornton City Councilmember
  • Nancy Metayer, Coral Springs Commissioner
  • Gretchen Myers, Meadville City Councilwoman
  • Anna Prizzia, Alachua County Commissioner
  • Thea Selby, City College of San Francisco Trustee
  • Tamisha Torres-Walker, Antioch City Councilwoman
  • Monica E Wilson, Antioch City Councilwoman
  • Robin Wilt, Brighton, NY Town Councilmember

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