📬 LP Network Download | Traffic safety, ceasefire, history in Minnesota, & more! | January 2024

Here’s a look at some of what’s happening across the Local Progress network.

More than 300 Local Elected Officials Call for a Ceasefire 

Earlier this month, more than 300 local elected officials across the country released an open letter to the Biden-Harris administration and Congress calling for a ceasefire. Recognizing that we are a diverse set of elected officials representing widely ranging points of view, the letter offers a way for local electeds to be in public solidarity with one another and join our voices to the chorus across the country calling for peace. We know that what happens across the world has a deep impact on our work locally and we have seen that in how our communities have grappled with the pain and mourning stemming from this conflict. We will continue supporting local leaders everywhere as they navigate how this conflict impacts their communities at home. Read more → 

Progressive History Made in Minnesota

It was a historic month for local governance as new progressive leaders took center stage in the Twin Cities metro area. In St. Paul, the new city council dominated national headlines as the first all-woman council – and the first comprised majority women of color – was inaugurated. All councilmembers are also under the age of 40. LP member leader Mitra Jalai was elected as the president of the governing body: “This historic council was sent to do historic work.” In St. Louis Park, LP member Nadia Mohamed became the country’s first Somali-American mayor noting “This is a milestone — this is not the destination.” And in Minneapolis, LP members Elliott Payne and Aisha Chughtai were elected as the city council’s president and vice president. Their leadership marks an exciting era for the now-majority progressive city council. Watch more → 

Guarantee Income Programs Continue Building Momentum – And Economic Security!

We need an economy that works for the people. One where we can all afford groceries, rent, and everything we need to live and thrive. That’s why localities across the country continue to pilot and expand guaranteed basic income programs – with impactful results. These programs – which have taken off in counties, cities, and school districts alike — provide low-income families with money to spend on what they know will best support themselves and their families. “One challenge has been running into the same old, tired tropes about what people use guaranteed income for,” said LP member and Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui. “The data shows that guaranteed income is spent on the basics, and that people are still working.” Read more → 

Localities Urge NHTSA to Recall Kia and Hyundai Cars with Theft Vulnerabilities

Last week, LP members from eight cities publicly called on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to issue a recall of Kia and Hyundai models with theft vulnerabilities. The group includes local electeds who have introduced or intend to introduce resolutions in their local legislative bodies calling on the federal agency to issue the recall. The Baltimore City Council was the first to do so, and has been followed by Seattle, Philadelphia, Austin, and New York. Their work follows an April 2023 letter authored by California Attorney General Rob Bonta and co-signed by 17 additional attorneys general requesting the same. Read more → 

🧑‍🏫 What It Means to Be an LP School Board Member

Public education is the bedrock of our democracy and school boards represent the community’s voice in strengthening and maintaining it. That’s why, at Local Progress, we know how important it is to organize school board members around a multi-issue policy agenda and create a community for progressive champions. As we start 2024, we’re proud to share our School Board Cohort Statement of Values. If you know values-aligned school board board members, tell them to join LP and share what being part of this network is all about! 

📅  SAVE THE DATE: 2024 National Convening!

It’s happening! Everyone’s favorite conference of the year is back – and this year we’re headed to the west coast! Join us on July 25-27 in Oakland, CA for the 2024 National Convening. Registration will open soon – in the meantime, save the date & add it to your calendar:  iCal | Google | Outlook 

✔️ We’re Hiring! 

We are looking for three new members to join our team: 

These are exciting opportunities for organizers with deep interest and burgeoning experience in municipal-level policy and campaigns. Learn more and apply here → 

💻 Creating Traffic Safety

We all deserve to be safe in our communities, on our roadways, and in transit. But unfortunately local traffic enforcement policy – with an overemphasis on stopping people for non-safety related reasons and our country’s long history of racial injustice – keeps us less safe. The good news is that across the country, there is already work being done that reimagines traffic safety with the holistic understanding of what people need to move safely and freely within their neighborhoods and communities. Check out our newest policy resource: Creating Traffic Safety: A Policy Memo for Local Elected Leaders


🧰 Policy & Strategy Primer Series is BACK!

The Impact Lab’s Policy & Strategy Primers has a new schedule for 2024! This series of foundational learning sessions on policy tools and strategy is designed to help local electeds and staff figure out where and how to get started on key issues. Whether you’re recently elected or looking to build your knowledge in a specific area, each session will dig in on both policies and strategic approaches to help you use all your local levers to drive change. The series offers different sessions throughout the year focusing on issues related to housing, community safety, economic justice, and communications strategies. Sign up here →