Our 2023 Year in Review

What we do at the local level matters – now more than ever. Because local is where we visualize new realities, seed the ground for change at the state and federal level, and have the most power to sustain and uphold democracy. 

That’s why we are proud to share the impact of our work from this past year in our 2023 Year in Review.

2023 has been a special year for our network. Not only because of the incredible work we’ve accomplished and exciting wins we’ve fought so hard for, but also because our network has grown to reflect the power and breadth of our communities. 

As we move forward, your support is more critical than ever. The strides we’ve made were only possible because of the collective effort and contributions from people like you. But there’s more to be done, and we can’t do it alone. We are extending a two-fold invitation to you to be a part of this journey:

First, by making a donation that will directly contribute to our work building a stronger, multi-racial democracy. Your financial support will empower us to do the work to advance change that improves the lives of people and redefines governing.

Second, by bringing more folks into our network. We are stronger together and each new member fuels our collective courage in the fight for racial and economic justice. Know a badass that just won their election? Tell them to join LP! Have an elected ally that needs a community? Tell them to join LP! Know someone in elected office who’s hungry to do more? Tell them to join LP! 

We’re running into this moment together and there is no stopping us!