AUSTIN, TX — Tomorrow, the Senate’s Business and Commerce Committee will have a hearing on Senate Bill 14, a proposal designed to undercut local democracy and put profits over worker health and safety. Texans are still living in a pandemic and many are still dealing with devastating damage from Winter Storm Uri. Local Progress Texas members are urging state leadership to focus on the pressing needs of communities in need.

In response to Senate Bill 14, Local Progress Texas members released the following statements:

“We urge our state legislature to use the remaining months of the 2021 session to deal with the ongoing crises on the ground,” said Austin City Council Member and Local Progress Board Co-Chair Greg Casar. “This dangerous bill attacks worker protections like mandated water breaks, paid sick time, and COVID-19 protections. It’s time our state legislature dealt with the most pressing issues of health care, COVID-19 relief, and winter storm assistance, instead of trying to win political points by attacking local leaders and worker protections.”

“Local governments have been on the frontlines helping their constituents throughout this pandemic and the February winter storm,” said DeSoto City Council Member Candice Quarles. “Instead of using this legislative session to help us, they are trying to take away our ability to respond to future crises by attacking local democracy.”

“Throughout this past year, local elected leaders have stepped up to do everything they could to protect frontline workers, and those most affected by the public health and winter storm crises. Now our state legislature wants to attack local democracy and limit our abilities to do this in the future,” said El Paso County Commissioner David Stout. “Our job is to keep our communities safe, and SB 14 threatens our ability to do just that.”