Road to Good Cause
The Road to Good Cause campaign allies local electeds and Housing Justice For All in the fight to pass Good Cause Eviction Protections across the state of New York.


Good Cause Eviction Protections are new renter safeguards that entitle nearly all tenants to a lease renewal. Passed into law during the 2024 New York State budget process, this new law guarantees most tenants a new lease, significantly limits rent increases, and stops unjust evictions. Whether you’re on a month-to-month agreement or a year-long lease, landlords are legally required to provide tenants with a lease renewal unless they have good cause. There are some important exceptions that apply depending on the size of a landlord’s portfolio and if the rent is a certain percentage above market rate. 

While tenant leaders and housing advocates fought for this law for years, real estate interests were able to scale it back during the final hours of negotiations.  The law, as passed, only applies to the five boroughs in New York City; however, upstate villages, towns, and cities can opt for these critical renter protections. 

The Road To Good Cause Starts Here

On June 3rd, 2024, Albany became the first city in New York to opt-in to Good Cause. By August, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, and Ithaca had followed suit, but millions of renters across the state still needed these critical protections. That’s why we launched the Road To Good Cause campaign to win strong renter protections in every town, village, and city across New York.

In collaboration with members across our New York chapter, our campaign will go to each locality to help tenants and local leaders pass strong renter protections in their area. By bringing together renters and local electeds, we can fix the mistakes of the state legislature to ensure an end to unjust evictions and unreasonable rent hikes. 

Our fight for Good Cause isn’t just about bringing some renter protections to each locality, but the strongest version possible. That’s why we developed the Gold Standard of Good Cause to bring a strong network of tenant protections across the state. While the state housing deal gave upstate communities leeway in how to implement Good Cause, this draft legislation will ensure the strongest version possible of Good Cause in any locality across the state. Check out the ready-to-use bill using the links below!

The Fight For Good Cause Across New York


Join The Fight For Good Cause

Take action to bring critical renter protections to every town, village, and city across New York!

Introduce The Gold Standard of Good Cause

Check out our ready-to-introduce legislation to bring Good Cause to YOUR community! This bill is drafted and vetted by legal experts, ready to withstand any challenges and bring the strongest possible renter protections to any locality in New York.

Take The Pledge

Local leaders across the state have committed to joining our fight to bring Good Cause to New York. Sign up here for campaign updates and take our pledge introduce Good Cause in your area before the end of the year!

Read Up On The Latest Good Cause Talking Points

The Real Estate Lobby worked hard to water down Good Cause in the state budget, and they're working even harder to beat Good Cause in localities across the state. Check out our latest talking points to ensure you're ready to fight back against lies and misinformation!

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Over 50 Local Electeds Across New York Demand Good Cause Now

This week, nearly 60 Local Progress members from across New York sent a letter to Governor Hochul, along with legislative leadership in Albany, demanding the passage of Good Cause Eviction protections (S305/A4454). New York’s housing crisis is at a tipping point, with evictions rising in 40 of the state’s 62 counties and average rents across the state ranking among the top ten in the nation.

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