What is means to be an LP School Board Member

Public education is the bedrock of our democracy and school boards represent the community’s voice in strengthening and maintaining it. That’s why, at Local Progress, we know how important it is to organize school board members around a multi-issue policy agenda and create a community for progressive champions.

As we start 2024, we’re proud to share our School Board Cohort Statement of Values

This statement of values unites school board members in Local Progress under a set of shared values that guides our work together. It was created collectively through an iterative process over the last year – including several rounds of consultation and feedback on an initial draft – before being ratified through our School Board Steering Committee on November 17. The statement embodies what it means to be a progressive school board member that is unapologetically fighting for a thriving public education system. 

This year, our school board work will be focused on developing a policy agenda to collectively tackle as a school board cohort. This policy agenda, along with our statement of values, will influence in-person and virtual programming throughout 2024. And as we head into an election year, we’re organized and ready to use our power to keep making an impact in our communities. 

If you know of other values-aligned school board board members, share what being in Local Progress is all about! Share the statement of values to bring more school board members into the network today.