How to take action in solidarity with UAW members on strike!

The UAW members’ strike at the Big Three automakers has stretched into its second month and now more than ever, autoworkers need your solidarity to win a contract that lifts standards for them and the whole economy.

Ford, GM, and Stellantis made a combined quarter-trillion dollars in North American profits over the last decade. But UAW members never got their fair share, despite their sacrifices during the global pandemic and their essential role in making these companies so profitable. Autoworkers are standing up to raise standards at the Big Three and shape the future of American manufacturing in the midst of the renewable energy transition. 

The demands that autoworkers are fighting for – like an end to their tiered system, higher pay, cost of living increases, a just transition to electric vehicle manufacturing, and a 32 hour work week – are inspiring workers across the country to demand what they deserve in their own workplaces. Every worker, from baristas and truck drivers to actors and hotel workers, has their eyes on this strike and are looking at the UAW negotiations as an example of what could be possible through worker organizing. 

In collaboration with our friends at the UAW, we are encouraging all Local Progress members to support the strike by taking action this week:

  1. If you’re near a picket line – show up and picket with striking workers! You can find a map of active picket lines here.
  2. For all LP members and allies – let the public know that autoworkers are standing up for all of us. Organize a community canvass at a local Big Three auto dealership! Here is a toolkit with everything you need to go canvass a dealership. Make sure you put your dealership canvass up on the solidarity site so the UAW knows you’re taking action. Get in touch with LP staff if you want support on your canvass.
  3. For all LP members – record a video of yourself expressing solidarity with the strike and post it to social media! Even if you can’t physically make it to a picket line or car dealership, public shows of solidarity like social media videos keep up energy around the strike and show workers that there’s a movement behind them. Here are some instructions for how to record a video and what talking points to consider.

Autoworkers are fighting for good jobs and a more just economy. But they can’t do it alone. They need your support to win a fair contract and good jobs throughout the industry.

Will you take action this week with us?

Photo via The Nation.