Introducing Workers Rights: A Deeper Dive

We know that in order for our communities to thrive, workers need to thrive. And when it comes to advancing workers’ rights, local governments are where some of the most creative and impactful solutions are being implemented. To dive deeper into the full array of policies advancing workers’ rights, we are introducing a new series for Local Progress members and staff — Workers’ Rights: The Deeper Dive

Our first session— The “Players” in Labor– Unions, Worker Centers, Government Agencies, and More — will be on Thursday, March 30th and will include a presentation from Jen Sherer from the Economic Policy Institute. The session will:

  • Provide an overview of the different actors in the labor movement,
  • Illuminate how they fit together, and
  • Detail how you can build relationships with these labor partners

This first session is just the beginning of our work to dig deep into labor issues with Local Progress members: over the next few months, we are planning even more. Below are all the topics we’re hoping to cover with our network. More information to come! 

  1. Creating New Labor Standards and How to Enforce Them: a Dedicated Labor Agency 
  2. Using Government Contracting, Permitting, and Licensing Power to Raise Labor Standards 
  3. Creating a Worker Board 
  4. Using Your Bully Pulpit/Fighting For Local Unionizing Efforts 
  5. Being a Model Employer and Advancing Public Sector Unionization 


If you are a Local Progress member or a member of their staff, please reach out to Vishal at if you’re interested in joining or if you have any questions.