LPNC State Download 📣 | Protecting local democracy, funding public schools, & more! | June 2024

Local Progress North Carolina: The State Download

This is the moment to continue recruiting progressive local elected officials in our state, so we can organize and take collective action against harmful state preemption. We’re using this quarter’s LPNC newsletter to share statewide updates, calls-to-action, and LP network updates.

The North Carolina General Assembly began this year’s Session Wednesday, April 24th and will wrap up July 31st. We are already witnessing several destructive bills to democracy pass the chambers of origin and our elected representatives need to hear from local leaders like you.

We believe thriving communities are built on the investment of marginalized, Black, immigrant, LGBTQ+, disabled, and working class people. LPNC members have been focusing their efforts on policy and resources that will lift up the entire community, and now the Legislature wants to take that power away. We intend to work proactively to pass strong local policy, and fight back against the North Carolina General Assembly (NCGA) by organizing and unifying our voices across the state. Want to get involved? 

Join our LPNC Organizing Committee and strategize with LP member leaders on tactics to fight back.

💰 NC Budget and Tax Center

Investment in our people and communities is crucial to a bright, shared economic future in our state. However, for more than a decade, tax cuts have been prioritized over supporting the programs and services crucial to the mutual success of our state’s citizens. By 2030, corporations will pay zero in state income tax in North Carolina, causing a revenue loss of more than $2 billion annually — $2 billion less every year to pay for quality education and quality child care for our kids, infrastructure that our state needs, free and fair elections, and keeping our air and water clean. Add your voice by signing this petition.

📚NC Justice Center

Let’s face it, Public Money should go to Public Schools. Vouchers would siphon much needed money away from our public school system!! Our public schools face well-documented historic highs in teacher vacancies, teacher turnover, learning loss stemming from school closures during the pandemic, and shortages of nurses, counselors, and therapists in the face of unprecedented mental health challenges. Legislators should prioritize funding for these critical resources that provide educational opportunities for the overwhelming majority of North Carolina families instead of giving away taxpayer money to the wealthiest North Carolina families, including those who already attended private schools. Add your voice by signing this petition!

⚡️ Register Today for Our 2024 National Convening 

#LP2024 is happening this summer in Oakland, CA on July 25-27! After doing it up big in St. Louis last year, we’re thrilled to be headed to the West Coast this Summer 2024. 

Registration is open – you don’t want to miss the event of the year! Check your inbox for your personal invitation to register! Reach out if you have any questions.

🎉 Welcoming our new LP Board Members! 

This April, our LP National Board welcomed new members and new leaders. We are excited to have New York City Councilmember Tiffany Caban, Essex County Commissioner A’Dorian Murray-Thomas, and Chicago Alderwoman Maria Hadden join our national board. A big congratulations also goes to Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marciela Nicholson, who is our new co-chair! 

🧰 Resources & Opportunities

In other news, here are some of our newest resources:

This year, we’ve planned an incredible series of Policy & Strategy Primers, which are virtual learning sessions designed especially for new members and newly elected folks. Up next is our sessions on Housing Justice – you can register for this session here.

💝 LP Caucuses 

LP now has three identity-based Caucuses: the Black Caucus, Women’s Caucus, and our newest, the Nuestro Caucus, for Latine members. Caucuses are a safe space for community building, organizing, and collective healing. Caucuses meet regularly to support elected officials in their governing and leadership positions. Join the next meeting! 

Share our network with your colleagues using this link; we are excited to recruit new members across every region of the state! We also have letter templates for partners to invite their members and endorsees to LP here! Be sure to make a copy of the document before you edit.