LP’s Women’s Caucus Elects First Co-Chairs: Johana Bencomo and Sherri Jones!

Last year, our work to build the Black Caucus helped us shape a framework for creating future identity caucuses. This year, we launched a similar process to create LP’s Women’s Caucus! 

The Women’s Caucus is a space for self-identifying members to gather and share their lived experiences in governing. It is our second identity-based caucus, and part of our work to build spaces where electeds can come together over shared experiences and struggles. We are building a collective vision that will create more avenues to support women in office, women who want to run for office, and the women and caretakers in our community. 

The Women’s Caucus is open to both current and former LP members who identify as a woman, who identify as a combination of genders, or who do not subscribe to a gender binary and feel that this space could serve them.

After the first formal in-person meeting in Denver this summer, the caucus formalized its  leadership committee, which will play a critical role in shaping the vision and shared strategy of the caucus. Now, we’re thrilled to share that the committee has elected their first-ever co-chairs:

Las Cruces City Councilor Johana Bencomo and Florence Unified School District Governing School Board Vice-President Sherri Jones!

Now that the  caucus has formalized its structure, members are looking forward to diving into policy issues and exercising its organizing power! 

Interested in joining? Learn more and let us know by filling out the form here!