Progressive Governance Academy

Meet the Progressive Governance Academy (PGA), a newly-launched pilot project with re:power and the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) to build and develop the leadership and governance skills of progressive state and local elected officials across the country.

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As a participant in the program, local elected officials receive access to robust technical expertise in training and curriculum development, a network of values-aligned legislators who serve as trainers and mentors, and access to staff with a deep knowledge of the needs of state and local elected officials.

What will PGA change?

Despite large investments to get progressive candidates elected to office, very few resources exist to support these elected officials once they begin to govern. The skills you need to win an election (field, fundraising, communications) are not the same skills you need to govern effectively (e.g. policy analysis, constituent outreach, coalition management, parliamentary procedure, etc.). PGA exists to ensure that state and local elected officials that align with us have the resources, assets, tools, and skills that are needed to become powerful and effective leaders.

What do you get as a participant in PGA?

  • A cohort of top-notch trainers exclusively comprised of state and local elected officials who intimately know the challenges of governing.
  • Compelling and adaptable skills-building curriculum that gets right to the root of the challenges related to governing, while helping to empower legislators to be their most effective while in office. We’ve built this curriculum together, based on the deep history of training and progressive governance between these three organizations.
  • A plethora of opportunities specifically for to develop and hone the skills necessary to succeed, learn and grow. These training events also provide an opportunity for deeper relationships among like-minded state and local legislators for shared learning.
  • At least 40 trainings in two years, conducted both in-person and via live, online platforms (not traditional webinars).
  • A critical piece of the infrastructure with an eye towards building progressive power in the long-term.

Want to learn more? Have questions?
Contact Ivan Luevanos-Elms.

Our Training in Action

In 2016, Local Progress partnered with Wellstone Action and Maryland Working Families to host the Baltimore New Leaders Bootcamp, an intensive six-month orientation to governing as a progressive for newly elected members of the City Council.

My participation in the Baltimore New Leaders training was invaluable. It not only provided me with the guidance and mentorship I needed to hit the ground running as a new and young elected official, it was also a space for me and my future colleagues to develop a shared progressive vision and agenda for Baltimore City.

Kristerfer Burnett, Baltimore City Council Member