Economic Justice
Everyone deserves the opportunities, security, and community they need to thrive. At the local level, we can win safer workplaces, fair wages, & better benefits for all – helping to ensure our economy truly works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

Our Vision and Work

We all work hard for our families, pitch in for our communities, and try to make things better for those to come. For too long, greedy corporations and the wealthy few rig the rules in their favor and line their pockets with profits while too many struggle to make ends meet. Together, we can build an economy where people matter more than profits and all of us can thrive. 


At Local Progress, we are fighting for an economy where working people have structural power in our government and the right to organize on their job sites. Across the country, local governments are working to protect people from exploitation and abuse, ensure community benefits are part of infrastructure investments, and boost the capacity of women and minority-owned businesses to thrive and grow in communities.


The Role of Local Government in Protecting Workers’ Rights

In recent years, cities, counties, and other localities have become innovators and leaders in standing up for working people. This report provides an overview of some of the most noteworthy ways in which localities have taken action. 


Blogs And Featured News

How Local Governments Are Advancing Workers’ Rights, and Why Even More Should Get Involved

Cities are spearheading efforts to pass and enforce local labor laws that are improving standards for workers in their communities.
photo of people outside, protesting and holding pro abortion signs

The Network Download: Localities fight for abortion rights, worker protections and just cities | July 2022

Here’s a look at some of what’s happening across the Local Progress network this month.

Biden’s Proposed 2023 Federal Budget & Community Safety

Earlier this week, President Biden released his FY2023 budget proposal.

Minnesota cities have earned sick and safe time: The state can too

The pandemic has made it crystal clear that all our health is connected. Yet, far too many families – particularly families of color – lack the support needed to care for their loved ones or themselves.

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