LPNY State Download 🗽 | Housing, environmental, immigration work & more! | May 2024

Welcome back to the LPNY State Download – our quarterly newsletter! Here’s a look at some of what LPNY has been up to the past few months – and what’s been happening across the state. To kick things off, we’re collecting signatures for a letter asking legislative leadership to bring A4120/S1981 to a vote before the end of session. More information on that down below!

With the budget passing late in April, it’s clear that state leadership, once again, prioritized lining the pockets of real estate interests aimed at taking power away from local government and the communities they serve. While some movement has been made with bills that align with our state chapter’s priorities, like preserving funding for clean water infrastructure, the state committed to the $500 million per year, which will help communities across the state afford essential upgrades to reduce New Yorkers’ exposure to PFAS chemicals. By protecting this funding, we are preserving clean water efforts across New York. LPNY also fought alongside our partner coalition, Housing Justice 4 All, in efforts to pass Good Cause statewide. Unfortunately that was unsuccessful, so we will continue to add pressure to the state legislature to pass a strong version of the bill. 


Partner Org Budget & Legislative Resources 

Environmental Advocates of NY – Invest in Clean Water Funding  

New York Immigration Coalition –  Coverage 4 All  

NY WFP – Mothers & Infants Lasting Change – Report

Every year, the NY Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Caucus holds a weekend in Albany to share legislative priorities of the caucus with elected officials and partners from across the state. On February 17th 2024, LPNY joined forces with some of our partner organizations across the state, including New York Working Families Party, Alliance for Quality Education, Citizen Action NY, CUFFH Action, New York City Progressive Caucus, and Women Creating Change, to host a Women of Color Movement Builders reception. 


This was our third year as LPNY creating space with partners and allies in the progressive movement, outside of regular caucus weekend programming. The event was anchored by 20 of our very own Local Progress New York members, including: LPNY Co-Chair, Robin Wilt, Brighton Town Councilmember; Carmen De la Rosa, New York City Councilmember; Sandy Nurse, New York City Councilmember; and Shahana Hanif, New York City Councilmember.

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Our members are our best recruiters! Do you know a local elected official in New York who would be a good fit for our network? You can use this sample email to introduce them to the Local Progress network and invite them to join. 

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A great way to get more involved with our work throughout New York is through our LPNY Organizing Committee! Our Committee meets once a month and works with LP staff and our community partners to set our state chapter’s priorities and define our mission and vision for our work. It’s also a great space to build community with other LPNY members. If you’re interested in learning more about this committee, fill out this form.

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In the past few years, Local Progress has launched two identity-based community spaces: the Black Caucus, and the Women’s Caucus! A third identity space, Nuestro Caucus, is currently in formation. These spaces were created by and for LP members to gather and share their lived experiences in governing and leadership positions. Our caucuses will have several opportunities for you to engage in this year, and the next opportunity for the Women’s Caucus is coming up soon! Sign up now to attend the Women’s Caucus general membership meeting on May 30th at 3:00pm ET/2:00pm CT/1:00pm MT/12:00pm PT.