New Resource Helps Local Electeds Reframe Crisis to Care: Welcoming New Arrivals

As so many of us are welcoming new arrivals into our communities, we can all agree that no matter where we come from, we all want to live a safe, dignified life with the people we love. Unfortunately, anti-immigrant rhetoric from the right is desperately trying to paint this moment as a crisis. They’re trying to stoke fear, advance their harmful political agenda, and distract the media from their own leadership failures. We can, and must, push back.

That’s why Local Progress and The Local Progress Impact Lab just released a messaging guide to help local elected officials speak publicly and proactively about welcoming and supporting new arrivals in their communities.

These messages, when used consistently by local leaders, can and will help us reframe the negative, crisis-oriented narrative to a positive one rooted in empathy and dignity. Together, we can tell the stories that highlight our communities’ readiness, willingness, and capacity to welcome new arrivals.

The messaging guide includes: 

📝 Framing principles

✔️ Topline messages

💬 ‘How to respond when’ scenarios 

🎯 Policies to choose welcome 

🧰 Tactics and resources to leverage your voice to shift the narrative

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Photo credit: Griselda San Martín, Documented