The Best Moments from our National Convening in St. Louis! #LP2023

What an incredible three days! 

To those of you who were in St. Louis and those who were there in spirit, thank you so much for being part of #LP2023.

This was our largest and most exciting national convening to date – with more than 44 different strategy meetings, workshops, and site visits, covering everything from workers’ rights and rent stabilization to reproductive justice, federal implementation, and navigating the challenges and opportunities in elected office.

More than 375 local elected officials, partners, and allies in community – sharing, healing, and learning together. Pushing each other. Empowering one another. We exchanged ideas and found inspiration. We laughed, we cried, and many of us found the clarity or the renewed energy we were looking for. 

Don’t forget to check out our photo album on Facebook, our favorite hot takes on Twitter, and all our favorite moments on our brand new Instagram! Here’s a recap of some of our most powerful moments together:

We grounded ourselves in the work happening in our host city of St. Louis — hearing about the incredible history of progressive organizing and the work to overcome abusive state preemption. We were lucky to be welcomed by Board of Alderman President and LP Board Member Megan E. Green and St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones. We were blown away by words of wisdom and much-needed agitations from special guests Representative Cori Bush and Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates. 

“Everything that we deserve, we can win. And the only way we win is through collective struggle and organization with other people. You cannot do it by yourself and you have to call yourself to something higher.” – Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates. 

“Change takes time and effort. While we can’t control the timeline, we must stay committed to the work. When we approach governance as a shared responsibility, we can make incredible change.” – Dr. Megan E. Green, St. Louis Board of Alderman President

‘Don’t give up – keep pushing. Eventually the pendulum swings to the other side.” – Mayor Tishaura Jones

“Each and every single person in this room said, ‘I have a duty.’ That’s courage that says that even though they attack me, or misunderstand me, I am compelled to move for my people, to stand strong for my people.” – Rep. Cori Bush

We spend time learning from each other and strategizing together on local issues, including: local budget advocacy, collaborative governance in rural and small jurisdictions, building power for new arrivals, democratizing municipal finance, supporting our unhoused neighbors, and using federal funds for racial and economic justice. We talked about pro-worker policies, community schools, reproductive justice, and how to drive the narrative on public safety.

This year, we also brought back one of the most exciting (and favorite) parts of our convening: site visits! Where members and partners go to get out into the community to learn from local leaders about work happening in St. Louis.

We also had the amazing opportunity on Saturday morning to get out into the streets by joining St. Louis electeds and workers from across the state as they introduce a set of trigger ordinances that will help communities thrive – sending a clear message to the corporate-backed state legislature: “We’re here to lead!”

One thing is clear: our collective courage is our collective power. And our collective power fuels our collective courage. 

Don’t forget to check out our photo album on Facebook, our favorite hot takes on Twitter, and all our favorite moments on our brand new Instagram!