LPNC Members Sign Letter Against Anti-Immigrant Bill HB10

HB10, a bill that would require local sheriffs in North Carolina to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has been moving through the North Carolina state legislature. On March 28, the bill passed the North Carolina General Assembly, with three Democratic lawmakers disappointingly voting in favor of the bill. The bill is now moving through the North Carolina Senate, where it is expected to pass, and once it passes, Governor Roy is expected to veto it. Today, Local Progress North Carolina members sent a letter to Cecil Brockman, Tricia Cotham, and Michael Wray, the three lawmakers who joined the Republicans in voting in favor of this dangerous legislation, to uphold a veto from the Governor on this dangerous legislation.

Members signed on because HB10 is an extremist proposal that only serves to threaten the safety of our communities. It erodes trust in government, undermines local autonomy, and can result in increased racial profiling, fear of reporting crimes, and additional negative impacts. If passed, it would force local sheriffs to detain any individuals for ICE who have been charged (not convicted) with any crime. They know firsthand the danger and trauma that our neighbors continuously face under the threat of possible deportation and family separation. By requiring local sheriffs to work with ICE, this will only hurt community safety. It will further deter people from collaborating with law enforcement as witnesses to crimes or from coming forward as victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

What keeps us and our communities safe is creating an environment of care and welcome, not one of criminalization and deportation. We should encourage people to participate in civic life, to engage with their larger communities, and to see the government as a resource for them. This bill will make that impossible, only further embedding the fear of ICE throughout our local spaces. We are calling on you to help protect our neighbors and make sure that North Carolina is a place where everyone feels welcome and safe,