In Solidarity with Antioch Councilmembers Tamisha Torres-Walker & Monica Wilson

Everybody deserves to be and feel safe. As a network of local elected officials, we know the real work to actualize this truth confronts the ugly – and often violent – realities of institutionalized racism and white supremacy. 

Antioch Councilmembers Tamisha Torres-Walker and Monica Wilson are champions of justice and continue to show unwavering leadership in the midst of shocking and disturbing revelations about local law enforcement. 

A joint FBI and Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office investigation of the Antioch Police Department revealed racist, sexist, and homophobic text messages among Antioch and Pittsburg officers. Among the countless hate filled exchanges were blatant threats to the Mayor’s life. These threats raise real concerns about the safety and wellbeing of Black elected officials that must be taken seriously. These types of threats and personal safety concerns are an alarming and far-too common experience for Black leaders and leaders of color across the country. Racist institutions like the Antioch Police Department use intimidation and threats of violence to sow fear and retain power. We will not stand by as they threaten those elected to represent and serve the people. 

As this investigation continues and Antioch residents sustain a fight for a complete overhaul of a department that has failed them, we stand in solidarity with them and local leaders like Councilmembers Torres-Walker and Wilson in the collective work to build community safety. 


Photo via Los Angeles Times (Jane Tyska / Associated Press)