Texas Local Electeds Sound Alarm on Harmful Preemption Bill

Local governments are closest to their communities. That’s why it’s critical they have the ability to address their communities’ unique local needs. Alongside community organizations, faith leaders, and labor unions, Local Progress Texas (LPTX) members from across the state are speaking out against HB 2127, a wide-reaching preemption bill that would strip local governments of this basic right.

HB 2127 would aggressively undermine the ability of cities and counties to protect workers, respond to natural disasters and public health crises, and to regulate water conservation, puppy mills, abusive payday lenders, employment discrimination, waste storage, burn bans, outdoor festivals, and many other safety issues.

As state legislators are attempting to silence local voices, it’s more important than ever for local electeds to speak up. LPTX members shared how this massive overstep would impact their local communities:

“As a councilmember in San Marcos, I was elected to represent the unique needs of my constituents. As we continue to grow as a city, we need to have the tools available to us to ensure our local workers, vibrant student population, and the families that have been here for generations can thrive. What works for us may not work for other cities in Texas.” San Marcos City Councilwoman Alyssa Garza

“This is a dangerous bill that would ban local leaders from putting in place lifesaving measures. Local leaders have stepped up to respond to the needs of their communities – from water breaks on the job, protections from exploitative payday lending companies, and a variety of anti-discrimination protections – and the Legislature is threatening to take that all away.” El Paso County Commissioner David Stout

“HB 2127 will strip our ability to put in place innovative and problem-solving policies. Who is the most impacted when a city can’t enact a nondiscrimination ordinance that protects all of its people or implement a fair chance hiring policy to ensure local workers can have access to dignified work? The truth is, this state interference disproportionately affects people of color and our low income workforce.” Former Prairie View Mayor Dr. Brian Rowland

“We need to be able to govern and make the decisions that are best for our communities – what my constituents need shouldn’t be up to the whim of a far-off lawmaker who doesn’t know our community and isn’t invested in what works best for our families. We are proud of the work we have done in our city to ensure construction workers have the right to rest breaks, and that payday lending companies cannot exploit our working people. HB 2127 will undo these vital protections.” Dallas City Councilmember Adam Bazaldua.

“HB 2127 will not only undo hardfought worker standards, it will also go so far as to limit our city’s ability to regulate sound and unsafe waste storage. If HB 2127 passes, we will be severely limited as to what we can do. We urge our lawmakers to listen to us, duly elected officials, who are closest to the communities this bill would impact.” Austin City Councilmember Vanessa Fuentes