Our 2022 Year in Review

2022 has been an extraordinary year of opportunities and challenges. As we close out and reflect on the year, we’re thrilled to share Local Progress and Local Progress Impact Lab’s 2022 Year in Review.

This year, local elected officials in our network experienced tremendous victories and significant challenges in their work to advance equity and justice. Through all of it one word comes to mind. Resolve. A sense that in a tumultuous and unpredictable time, our mission is clear. We are the long game.The fight to fully defeat right-wing extremism, to repair centuries of racial harm and exclusion at the core of our country’s history and to build a truly inclusive, multi-racial democracy will not be won overnight. But the work we do at the local level makes ideas that seem impossible into reality, builds new models for how we can govern together and creates a roadmap towards our north star and a powerful network of leaders to travel together.

In this Year in Review, we share highlights from this work. 

It is clear to us that what has always made the Local Progress network special: our ability to come together across jurisdictions, to work towards a shared vision, and to support each other along the journey to do so. And we are just getting started.