New Tool Helps Local Electeds Create Community Responder Programs

Over the last two years, dozens of localities across the country have established community responder programs to provide a better, more effective response to community needs – and with incredible results and broad public support

That is why, we are excited to release our latest community safety tool: Reform/Transform: Creating a Community Responder Program. 

The new resource will support local elected officials in their efforts to create and expand non-police community responder programs. While a number of resources exist to support the conception, design, and implementation of these programs, there are very few resources which support the unique and crucial role electeds can play. The resource provides concrete steps local leaders can take to utilize their strategic position as power brokers within government and organizers within their communities. The report features case studies of model programs in Albuquerque, NM, Durham, NC, and Oakland, CA.

The tool includes:

  • Guidance on how to use your power, how to demonstrate political will, & how to ensure meaningful community engagement
  • Programmatic recommendations on program pilots and evaluations
  • Insight on how to finance responder programs
  • Lessons from the field

Want to see what a community responder program actually looks like? Last week, members of the LP Public Safety Steering Committee were in Portland, OR learning from the Portland Street Response – one of only two community responder programs nationwide run directly by city staff. Check out highlights from the experience here →

The report is part of the Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit, a framework and policy roadmap supporting local elected officials to make structural changes to their public safety systems. The toolkit provides a simple, user-friendly framework for cities to evaluate policies across a dozen metrics ranging from oversight of and change to department policies to limiting ICE collaboration. Explore more of our resources on public safety here!