Despite large investments to get progressive candidates elected to office, very few resources exist to support elected officials once they begin to govern. The PGA exists to ensure that progressive state and local elected officials have the resources, assets, tools, and skills that are needed to become powerful and effective leaders.

The PGA is hosting a three-day training series that will be live, online trainings for elected officials from southern states including Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

The training dates for the three-day training series are as follows:

Friday, September 11, 2020 at 3:00PM EST 

Friday, September 18, 2020 at 3:00PM EST 

Friday, September 25, 2020 at 3:00PM EST

Each training date will consist of a 2-hour training on various governance topics and workshops apart from the full academy.

Each training date will begin promptly at  3:00PM EST on zoom.

We request that all attendees attend all training dates of the three-day online, live training series for the academy.

Click here to apply for the three-day training series.

Participants will discuss and workshop:

  • Dealing with governing tensions as a values-based progressive elected official
  • Power mapping and understanding power in your communities
  • Setting a bold and progressive agenda with priorities, policies, and realistic goals
  • Build and maintain relationships with activists and advocates outside of elected

Participants will be notified in the upcoming week if they have been accepted to participate in the training and provided training logistics and pertinent information. 

Registration Information 

The online training series was created to support you as you navigate government as an elected official. The training will be engaging and very interactive with an opportunity to connect with other elected officials.  Due to the highly interactive focus of this training, attendance is limited to a cohort of 40 people.

We require individuals to complete an online application, so APPLY NOW – Space is Limited! 

Training Expectations 

  • Be Present and Actively Engaged. We ask that you’re fully engaged throughout the 120-minute training.
  • Lots of interaction! Each training will have a team of trainers online to support you, in the chat box and in small groups. Ideally everyone will be on video and audio.
  • Get your specific questions answered. Don’t be afraid to ask, there are no dumb questions, this is safe space with other elected officials with various experiences and exposures, so ask the question.

PGA Team Organizational Information

Local Progress is the national network of progressive elected officials from cities, counties, towns, school districts, villages and other local governments across the country. Our members are committed to reclaiming the power that cities and counties have and to advancing our shared vision of shared economic prosperity, equal justice under law, livable and sustainable communities, and good government that serves the public interest.

State Innovation Exchange (SiX) is a national resource and strategy center that supports state legislators in advancing and defending progressive policies across the country. With a long-term vision of building progressive power and infrastructure at the state level, we have built a network of more than 3,000 elected officials who represent all 50 states.

Re:power opened our doors as Wellstone Action 16 years ago. In that time, as the nation’s largest training and capacity building organization we have supported nearly 100,000 candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, and community organizers from across the country. We are a team of organizers, strategists, and technologists dedicated to building transformative political power. We partner with individuals, organizations, and coalitions across the country to uncover leaders within communities and create radical change. We imagine a future of inclusive politics where decisions about our communities are made by our communities at all levels.