As all of our communities deal with the spread of coronavirus, people will look to local governments for an efficient and bold response that protects the safety of all residents as well as the public health.

We know full well that the inequities entrenched in our society are only exacerbated in an emergency like the coronavirus outbreak. In a public health emergency, we are only as healthy as those most vulnerable, least economically secure, and least covered by our social services. As local governments across the country respond to the spread of coronavirus, they must keep in mind that economic security is fundamental to public health, and we must do all we can to keep people secure enough to take care of themselves and endure a quarantine or treatment if required.

We have compiled a resource page to aid Local Progress members in taking bold local action and staying informed of efforts underway across the country. More than ever, now is a time for us to learn from each other across communities.

Please reach out to us if you want support in your local response to the spread of coronavirus. We will endeavor to continuously update the page with resources, action items, and examples of what Local Progress members are doing across the country.

We are encouraging all Local Progress members to

1) advance paid leave however you can,
2) pass a moratorium on evictions and utility shutoffs, and
3) ensure your locality’s response protects its most vulnerable residents.