Now, we are honored to present Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit. This toolkit is a result of the collaboration of local elected officials across the country, all pursuing a new definition of public safety for our communities.

We hope that this toolkit will aid the courageous work of local elected officials—in close partnership with impacted community members, advocates, and organizers—to fight back in the current era of heightened attack on our communities. While the toolkit is not comprehensive of all the ways in which we can reform policing in our communities, it does look at a set of 12 important metrics including independent oversight, investments in public safety beyond policing, demilitarization, use of force, civil asset forfeiture, and more. It aims to provide local elected officials with the tools to do an analysis of policies and practices in their own cities, compare cities across the country, and identify local priorities.

You can find the toolkit at and please get in touch with Local Progress with any questions or comments related to Reform/Transform.