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School Board Cohort

We had a successful launch with 35 school board members from 15 states on October 28th in Los Angeles and we’re eager to move forward with policy support, sharing best practices and helping coordinate organizing efforts at the local level. Our participants came away inspired and with new connections and ideas to pursue as they return to their districts.

School board leadership is critical to the success of our nation’s public schools. With more than 14,000 school districts nationwide, school board members comprise the largest democratically elected body in the United States. Both public education and democratic participation are under attack from corporate privatization interests that seek to stifle local voice and representation. We believe that supporting your efforts to pass and implement strong policies that support student learning, in conjunction with parent, community and student input will revive our democracy and lead to a stronger public education system that serves all children.

If you are a school board member and you’re interested in learning more about our work, please contact Tarsi Dunlop (

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