Local elected officials run for office because they are committed to advancing progressive policy and creating a more inclusive and participatory government. However, once in office, they often receive little to no formal training. Working together with Wellstone Action, Local Progress has developed a series of trainings focused on Governing as a Progressive. These trainings range from how to run an effective office, how to understand and effectively navigate a legislative body, strategies for setting an agenda and organizing around key legislative priorities, and understanding the budget and legislative process. If you are interested in holding a training in your city or state, please contact Sarah Johnson (

Our Training in Action

In 2016, Local Progress partnered with Wellstone Action and Maryland Working Families to host the Baltimore New Leaders Bootcamp, an intensive six-month orientation to governing as a progressive for newly elected members of the City Council.

My participation in the Baltimore New Leaders training was invaluable. It not only provided me with the guidance and mentorship I needed to hit the ground running as a new and young elected official, it was also a space for me and my future colleagues to develop a shared progressive vision and agenda for Baltimore City.

Kristerfer Burnett, Baltimore City Council Member