Reflecting on last night, and looking forward

Today marks a turning point for our country. As the dust settles on this midterm election, there is much to celebrate and so many reasons for hope. Local Progress statement after the midterm election November 7, 2018 Today marks a turning point for our country. As the dust settles on this midterm election, there is

Local Progress launches Reform/Transform policing toolkit

Two years ago, Local Progress members gathered in Pittsburgh for our national convening just days after the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. There in Pittsburgh, dozens of Local Progress members took to the streets, joining those protesting police violence. Right after that convening, we launched a member working group focused on reforming local

50+ Local Elected Officials Stand with Seattle

Despite asking for affordable housing investments in its search for an HQ2, Amazon threatened to halt construction if the Progressive Tax on Business was passed. More than 50 elected officials across the country, including in Amazon HQ2 shortlist cities, signed a letter encouraging Seattle to move forward despite the company’s fierce opposition. Open

Eight Local Progress members featured in The Nation this week!

All across the country, Local Progress members are fighting the dark money takeover of our democracy. From shining light on dark money in Tempe, Arizona elections, to supporting strong unions and working people in the face of the billionaire-funded Janus v. AFSCME Council 31 case, to resisting a race-to-the-bottom in the Amazon HQ2 sweepstakes, local elected officials

Local Progress Reacts To Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

For Immediate Release: February 12, 2018 Media Contact: Asya Pikovsky, apikovsky@populardemocracy.org, 207-522-2442 Local Legislators React To Trump’s Infrastructure Plan “The plan relinquishes the federal government’s age-old role in funding infrastructure and instead puts the burden squarely on city and states,” says Local Progress, national network of progressive municipal legislators WASHINGTON, DC -- In response to

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