NYC Progressive Leadership Lab is Underway!

The NYC Progressive Leadership Lab launched with a two-day session on Thursday, August 5th to Friday, August 6th with a total of 30 participants of the incoming council members of the New York City Council. The program is a leadership development opportunity designed to provide newly elected officials in New York City with the training

How localities can continue supporting migrant communities & refugees

The events of the past few weeks have added renewed urgency to our continued commitment to build inclusive communities and support immigrant communities who are seeking safety, freedom, and a better life. In Haiti, thousands have been lost and injured and survivors continue to grapple with the devastation of the 7.2-magnitude earthquake. In Afghanistan, families

What localities can do to protect renters & stop evictions

UPDATE AUG 27: The Supreme Court struck down the CDC eviction moratorium that was in place through Oct 3, 2021. The Biden administration announced a new moratorium that will cover renters living in communities experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases and be in effect until October 3. This win is due solely to the bold action of

Progressive Leadership Lab Launches in NYC

In 2021, New York City will experience a significant change in its representative government -- with a new Mayor and over 35 new Council Members. Following the June primaries, the Council is now poised to be majority women for the first time in the city’s history AND have the diversity more representative of the city

Local Progress helped make an animated web series! 📽 🎉

Local Progress was part of a team of storytellers and organizers who made an animated web series called MINE which is making its ✨  world premiere ✨  at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! We know that narrative change is at the heart of all of our work -- and that our movement is at its

SB14 is the Latest Attempt to Take Power Away from Texans

Photo: Evan L'Roy/The Texas Tribune May 25, 2021. Dallas City Council Member Omar Narvaez Once again, some state legislators in Austin are wasting taxpayers’ time and money by focusing on issues that don’t strengthen or unite Texans, but serve only to divide us, excite their increasingly small base, and take power away from

George Floyd.

Today, we hold George Floyd, his daughter, his family and friends tighter in our hearts -- hoping that the conviction brings them a modicum of justice and allows them to move forward in this world without George with a little less burden. We also hold Black communities across Minneapolis and Minnesota that have had to

MN Local Electeds Call for End of Military-Police Response to Protests

Featured photo: Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Star Tribune “We need your actions to match your words. The world is watching.” April 15, 2021. More than a dozen local elected officials across the state are calling on those in charge of Operational Safety Net -- including Governor Tim Walz, Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson, and Minneapolis

On the Ground in Texas: Insights from El Paso

Francisco Sanchez wipes snow off his car with a boogie board before going out sledding with his kids at Memorial Park in El Paso, Texas. (Photo: Briana Sanchez/El Paso Times/USA Today Network via Reuters) It’s been over a month since winter storm Uri swept across Texas, and hundreds of thousands of residents are

NC Local Electeds Push Back on State Bill 101

March 25, 2021. RALEIGH, NC -- Today, nearly two dozen local elected officials sent a letter to Governor Cooper raising alarms about Senate Bill 101 (Require Cooperation with ICE 2.0) and calling on him to support immigrant communities by acting against it: “Senate Republicans introduced SB 101 alongside SB 100 to further target Black and

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