Local Electeds Across Florida Push to Protect Local Democracy

March 23, 2021. TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Today, local elected officials across Florida sounded the alarm on the dangerous proposals being debated during this legislative session. Over 50 bills undermining local democracy have been introduced this year; many -- like HB 53 / SB 1076 -- are moving through the legislative process. The officials, who are

NY Local Electeds Call for Cuomo to Resign

March 22, 2021 -- More than two dozen local elected officials across the state are calling on Andrew Cuomo to resign. In a joint statement released today, they join the 59 Democratic state lawmakers and countless elected officials in federal office to demand that he step down: “As has become undeniably clear in the last

On the Ground in Texas: Insights from Denton

It has been almost a month since winter storm Uri swept across Texas and hundreds of thousands of residents are still struggling to access clean water or any form of relief from the state.  At the same time, in an attempt to distract from the state’s responsibility, Governor Greg Abbott has announced he will lift

“It’s the Past We Step Into and How We Repair It”

Racial equity is a core value that drives our work as an organization and is at the center of how Local Progress members govern and support communities. In this work, we demand of ourselves the capacity to learn and undo the ways that our institutions and systems perpetuate inequality and oppression. For Black History month,

Holding space for yesterday and how we move forward together

Yesterday was a historic and devastating day for our country.  While it’s hard to overlook the events that have dominated our news cycle for the last 12 hours, we must celebrate the work of organizers and communities across Georgia to elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff to the U.S. Senate. Their victories are a testament

2020 Year in Review

It’s hard to describe exactly what 2020 has been. What we know for sure is that Local Progress members have been the decisive leaders we needed at every turn. As a network, we have grown and our collective work has helped push the progressive policies that our communities want and need to thrive. Here’s a

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