Progressive Governance Academy Hosts Southern Regional Training Series

The Progressive Governance Academy (PGA) is a newly-launched pilot project between Local Progress, State Innovation Exchange (SiX),and re:power to build and develop the leadership and governance skills of progressive state and local elected officials across the country. Despite large investments to get progressive candidates elected to office, very few resources exist to support elected officials once they begin to govern. The

Local Progress Applauds Minneapolis Community and City Council Members for Historical Step in Reimagining Public Safety

“Transforming this system will not happen overnight. This is just the beginning -- but it will undoubtedly lead to long-lasting change.” MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Today, nine members of the Minneapolis City Council formally announced their intention to end the Minneapolis Police Department and create a new transformative model for cultivating public safety. In response, Local

Local Progress Condemns Trump’s Threats to Deploy Military Against Protests

For Immediate Release: June 2, 2020 WASHINGTON, DC -- In response to President Trump’s remarks threatening to deploy the US military in cities and states, Local Progress released the following statement: “It is clear that the President of the United States is blatantly overstepping his authority and disregarding the systemic issues at the center of

Local Leaders to Congress: Credit Cards Aren’t a Housing Strategy

For Immediate Release: April 30, 2020 Local Leaders to Congress: Credit Cards Aren't a Housing Strategy Denver, Seattle, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Philadelphia, Hartford, San Francisco NATIONWIDE -- Today, local elected officials from cities across the country escalated their call on state and federal officials to act immediately to provide relief and protection to the

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