Reform/Transform: An Analysis of Policing in 12 Cities

In 2018, Local Progress launched Reform/Transform: A Policing Policy Toolkit to provide local elected officials, policymakers, and organizers with a resource on how to evaluate policing reforms according to a set of standardized criteria across jurisdictions. Over the course of 2019, we engaged local elected officials and community leaders in a range of communities to evaluate their

Defending and Increasing Local Access to Reproductive Health

In many states across the country, our fundamental rights are under attack from state legislatures passing bans to restrict access to reproductive health care, including abortion care and contraception. We know full well that these restrictions disproportionately harm people with low incomes and people of color, including our immigrant neighbors who might be reluctant

Getting on Your Count for the 2020 Census

Local elected officials have an important role to play to protect our democracy and the U.S. Census. The Trump Administration's widespread attempt to manipulate the census is part of a multi-pronged strategy to attack and erase immigrant communities and to control legislative bodies across the country for another decade. Earlier this fall Local Progress

Reflections from A Powerful Local Progress NY State Convening

November 25, 2019 What a weekend! Our state convening ended a little over a week ago, and now Local Progress members are back home putting what we discussed into action in their communities. It was truly a powerful gathering of progressive leaders from across the state, and we’re thrilled about the foundation we’ve laid for

Everyone Needs a Safe Place to Call Home

A reflection after our Local Progress Housing Convening in Durham, North Carolina October 21, 2019 There is a simple truth that connects every person in all of our cities, counties, towns, and villages across the country: everyone needs a safe place to call home. Having a home to raise their families, enjoy their leisure time,

100+ Local Elected Leaders Call On McDonald’s to Clean Up Act on Sexual Harassment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 26, 2019 Contact: Ari Schwartz, aschwartz@localprogress.org NATIONWIDE -- More than 100 local government officials from over 70 jurisdictions and 30 states are calling on McDonald’s to take concrete action to stop sexual harassment in its stores. In a letter to the company’s CEO Steve Easterbrook, the officials decry McDonald’s failure to

New Resource: The Potential Pitfalls of Privatization

We are thrilled to share a new resource developed in partnership with In the Public Interest (ITPI): The Potential Pitfalls of Privatization. In addition to a general overview on the topic, we wrote three subject-specific memos on education, infrastructure, and public services. The memos cover areas of concern, key questions to ask, and important steps to take. We

New policy briefs on trans equity, drug policy, and workers’ rights

Local Progress is pleased to release three new policy briefs as part of its 2019 edition of Policy for Local Progress. Equality and Equity for Trans, Nonbinary, and Gender Nonconforming People  Establishing Partnerships to Improve Enforcement of Workplace Standards Lessons in Taking Drug Policy Reform Local We were thrilled to co-author these policy briefs with

#LP2019: Our largest, most powerful convening yet

Last month, more than 250 local elected officials, community leaders, policy and labor partners from across the country gathered in Detroit for the largest, most diverse, and most powerful Local Progressconvening to date. We were thrilled to be welcomed by Detroit Councilmember Raquel Castañeda-López, Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield, School Board President Misha Stallworth, Grand Traverse County Commissioner Betsy Coffia, and Detroit Action

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