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Local Progress is the national network of progressive elected officials from cities, counties, towns, school districts, villages and other local governments across the country. Our members are committed to reclaiming the power of cities and counties and to advancing our shared vision of shared economic prosperity, equal justice under law, livable and sustainable communities, and good government that serves the public interest.

Our network includes hundreds of members in nearly every state – mayors, town and city councilmembers, school board members, county legislators and many others. Our network includes members from 70% of the nation’s 50 largest cities, as well as members from hundreds of suburban, rural and urban jurisdictions. The network includes the progressive champion mayors of large cities like Newark, New Orleans, New York, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia and the leading progressive councilmembers from cities as diverse as Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Miami, Nashville, Philadelphia, and San Diego. The network also includes district attorneys, county commissioners, and elected officials representing small cities, rural towns, and school districts. Local Progress has a strong focus on supporting and developing the leadership of women and people of color in elected office.