Become a Local Progress leader today!

To our newest member,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you, on behalf of the Local Progress Board of Directors, to become a new member of our growing network of progressive municipal officials across the United States. You would be joining a group of committed public servants who are building local power in localities and pushing a progressive agenda to better serve their residents.

Local Progress was founded in 2012 with the purpose of bringing local officials together to help replicate the best policy and governance practices across localities by sharing innovative policy ideas; to partner with community-based organizations and other local elected officials to move a progressive municipal agenda; and to build solidarity in the national movement by connecting local elected officials to one another and to help them coordinate their work across localities.

Since our inception, we have held in-person and online events on numerous pressing public policy issues, supported local officials by providing connections to national organizations and experts, and developed a multitude of policy resources and briefs that are available on our website In a resource-scarce environment, we bring connections and support to bear as our members tackle formidable challenges, from generating good jobs, increasing the amount of affordable housing, tackling climate change at the local level, increasing access to critical services and benefits for all residents, and reforming our criminal justice system so that it protects and empowers our residents.

We are committed to building a strong local progressive infrastructure that will move the national debate in important ways in the decades ahead. The work that our members do on a daily basis shapes the lives and outcomes for residents in a way that no other level of government can. This is both the promise and the immensity of the task before us. We know that localities, moving in concert, can push this country in a new and exciting progressive direction.

We look forward to supporting your work and would be thrilled to welcome you to Local Progress.

Helen Gym & Greg Casar
Local Progress Board Co-Chairs