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We are at a compression moment in our history — as a groundswell of public and political will to stop the on-going assault on Black lives takes center stage amid a global pandemic that has brought our cities and economy to a halt. All the while a morally defining presidential election looms ahead of us. Each of these things alone is overwhelming; together, they are a call to action.

It is time for us to reimagine our future. Our response to this moment demands us to think bigger than we’ve done before.

That’s why we are creating a roadmap that reimagines our future.

Together, we will think bigger and bolder than we’ve ever done before. We will reimagine our neighborhoods, development, public safety, and health and well-being; we will reimagine our public budgets, our economy, and our democracy. We will reimagine what it looks like for these things to finally and truly work for the people.

On Aug 13 – 15, we begin the months-long process of creating this powerful roadmap towards a reimagined future. Culminating in a public launch of our vision in November, we’ll bring together five LP member-led working groups alongside labor, policy, and movement partners to collectively define what it means to govern as a progressive as we move us towards a more hopeful, ambitious vision of the world.


With any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us by emailing convening@localprogress.org.