2020 Election Resources

Ensuring a Safe and Fair Election

We know Election Day will look very different this year. As local leaders, it is up to us to ensure there is public confidence in our processes and systems, that our local elections administrators have the tools and support they need, and that our communities have safe space to protest and fight to ensure the legitimacy of this election.

This page provides non-partisan resources and tools for LP members as we prepare for Election Day & beyond.

Protecting the Vote During COVID-19

This section contains resources that draw on the power that local jurisdictions have in reforming prohibitive barriers to participation in elections and things local elected officials can do to make it easier and safer to vote during the pandemic. 

Preparing for a National Election During Covid-19

Making it Easier and Safer to Vote During COVID-19

Recruiting Poll Workers to Ensure Voting Access

Using HAVA Funds to Ensure Voters Can Safely Vote

Talking to Local Election Administrators

Pro-Democracy Actions for Florida Localities

Pro-Democracy Actions for Pennsylvania Localities

Pro-Democracy Actions for Wisconsin Localities

Pro-Democracy Actions for Arizona Localities

Local Elections Authority (NC, FL, GA)

Protecting the Count & Combatting Voter Intimidation and Suppression

These resources draw on the power that local jurisdictions have to ensure all eligible ballots are counted and prohibit voter intimidation or voter suppression tactics. 

A State Legislature Cannot Appoint Its Preferred Slate of Electors to Override the Will of the People After the Election

Poll Watchers & Challengers

Addressing the Unlawful Presence of Armed Individuals Near Polling Places – State Fact Sheets

Protecting Against Voter Intimidation

Voters Should Not Be Intimidated

Setting Voters’ Expectations & Communicating Through Uncertainty

This section provides communications tools and resources for local elected officials to use in the lead up to Election Day and beyond. These tools were developed to help clarify and inform conversations around voting and contested scenarios and address the most challenging and nuanced points.

2020 Election Scenario Messaging & Resource Guide

Managing Voters’ Expectations for Election Results [Brief]

Managing Expectations for Election Results [Social Media Toolkit]

Contested Election Resources

How to Identify and Stop the Spread of Digital Disinformation About Elections

[Example] Allegheny County Councilperson Bethany Hallam Informing Voters About Wrong Ballot Situation

Communications Guidance and Templates: A Resource for U.S. Mayors and City Leadership

Nonpartisan Talking Points for the Post-Election Period

Creating Spaces for Community & Countering Violence

This section provides tools and resources for local elected officials to use in creating safe spaces for community and in preventing and addressing political violence. It draws on the recent experiences from across the LP network.

Limiting Police Crowd Control Tactics During Protests

[Example] Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly’s Statement on Federal Occupiers

[Example] Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty’s Statement on Federal Occupiers

Resources to Prevent and Mitigate Political Violence
[Example] Resolution Affirming First Amendment Rights to Protest & Peaceful Assembly
Election Violence Prevention Toolkit: A guide for US Mayors and City Leadership
Personal Cybersecurity: Tips & Resources for Local Elected Officials