In many states across the country, our fundamental rights are under attack from state legislatures passing bans to restrict access to reproductive health care, including abortion care and contraception. We know full well that these restrictions disproportionately harm people with low incomes and people of color, including our immigrant neighbors who might be reluctant to engage with health systems out of fear of profiling, detainment, or deportation.  

In the fall of 2019,  we hosted a webinar full of ideas and strategies on using the power of city purse strings and local authority to protect and advance constituents’ reproductive health. St. Louis Alderwoman Megan Ellyia Green shared updates on the effort to protect Missouri’s last abortion clinic and how the attacks on access from the state are a blueprint for conservative efforts elsewhere. Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty spoke on how her city is increasing access to reproductive health care, and the importance of holding even progressive state officials accountable to their commitment in supporting reproductive health and access. Finally, Jenny Mistry of NIRH shared the latest Local Reproductive Freedom Index, some messaging guidance, and an update on the federal landscape moving into 2020.

Please reach out if we can help support local efforts!

You can see a recording of the webinar here