Daniel Corona is the Mayor of West Wendover, a small city in Elko County in northeast Nevada. He is a fourth-generation West Wendover resident and his election in 2016 made him the youngest person to hold the office of mayor in the State of Nevada. For this month’s member profile, we talked to Mayor Corona about his priorities in office. 

Mayor Daniel Corona of West Wendover, NV

Local Progress: What motivated you to run for public office?
Daniel Corona: I have always known that I had an interest in politics but always saw myself as an activist/organizer and never thought I would become a politician. But when I moved back home after college I saw the need for new leadership and fresh ideas in my community, but no one stepping up to fill that need.

LP: Tell us about the communities you represent in West Wendover – what should people know about them?
DC: Our community is nearly 70% Latinx and very young. That makes us a pretty progressive city, which makes us an anomaly in rural Nevada.

LP: What accomplishments are you most proud of during your tenure in office so far?
DC: The thing that I am most proud of is the increase in young folks being involved in our local politics. Which in turn has started to close the gap between our local government and our residents.

LP: What are some of your upcoming policy priorities?
DC: Right now I am working on a minimum wage increase, in the late fall I will be convening a committee made up of business, faith and community members to study the issue and make a recommendation on how/what we raise our minimum wage to here in West Wendover. We are also working to update the City’s paid leave policies for city employees to include FMLA leave.

LP: When you look back on your tenure as Mayor, what do you hope to have accomplished?
DC: It’s my hope that at the end of my tenure we will have lowered the number of folks living in poverty in the community and have created more opportunities for our youth to be able to pull themselves out of poverty as adults. If I accomplish nothing else, if we are able to break the cycle of poverty for those in my community, I will view my tenure as a success.

LP: Why are you a member of Local Progress?
DC: I am a member of Local Progress, because the work being done by other members is inspiring and being a part of this group gives me the opportunity to network and learn from them to bring that work into my community.