Marion Greene is a County Commissioner in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

County Commissioner Marion Greene

She was elected to the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners in a May 2014 a special election and serves District 3, a diverse and vibrant collection of communities that includes all of St. Louis Park, most of Southwest Minneapolis and much of downtown Minneapolis. 

Commissioner Greene is deeply committed to protecting the rights of immigrant families and residents in Hennepin County. She recognized the federal overreach about to hit Washington, D.C. after the 2016 Election, and sent her senior staffperson to the the Local Progress Sanctuary City Convening to learn about what can be done to keep families whole in Hennepin County. With a year of research, and testing the models outlined in the Sanctuary City Convening Toolkit, layered with a commitment to putting provisions in place beyond symbolic resolutions, Commissioner Greene led a multi-tiered initiative to countervail the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office jail-to-ICE pipeline.  

Greene worked with community-based organizations, as well as unions and other local advocates to help shape policy and gain on-the-ground support. Her allies’ expertise in constituents’ perspectives, and what the impacts of different types of policy could be. Some provided legal support, while others helped mobilize public support.

In December, Commissioner Greene, and her coalition succeeded in passing two protective immigration provisions in the county. The first provides $25,000 to require the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office provide written materials that inform anyone being booked of their right not to speak with ICE. These materials are to be provided in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, and Russian. The second sets aside $250,000 to provide legal defense to residents ensnared in deportation proceedings who would otherwise be forced through immigration court without counsel.

“Our community can only thrive when all those who work, go to school, and live in Hennepin County live without fear.” Commissioner Greene concluded.

Next up on her agenda is bail reform and continuing to move strong economic development in Hennepin County.