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Many organizations focus on federal and state policy, but too few pay attention to our nation’s cities and counties. Local Progress is filling that gap.


We help replicate progressive legislation through our members network, our best-practice research, and our community partnerships.

At Local Progress, we help city officials share their best work with each other. From sustainable cities and campaign finance reform to immigration reform and living wage laws, we help elected officials learn about innovative progressive reforms from around the country.

We also provide robust legal and policy support to legislators, evaluating best practices and tailoring legislation to individual jurisdictions. By partnering with policy experts, community organizations, and scholars, we can assess the legal and practical considerations of different policies in different municipalities. We answer questions like, “Could this law work in my city?”  “How has the law affected the budget?” and “What are alternative solutions?”

We also create and design policy solutions to persistent problems, drawing on our knowledge and the expertise of our extensive network of partners. Our deep connections with local officials, community organizations, and policy experts enable us to create legislative answers to some of the toughest questions confronting municipal government. By developing innovative and progressive policies, we can assist local elected officials in their fight for better and stronger cities.



We foster deep and substantive relationships. By building  a community of local leaders, community groups, academics, and other partners, we help strengthen the progressive movement.

Local Progress is focused on being a consistent and up-to-date resource for elected officials. We use in-person events and online communications to create space where leaders can share ideas and learn more about issues to them and their constituents. By bringing local elected officials together, Local Progress encourages leaders to develop relationships with one other. By connecting City Council members from Denver with those in Brooklyn and Seattle, we are helping to strengthen our national movement.

Furthermore, we connect elected officials with community organizations, advocacy groups, and labor unions. Winning progressive policy victories requires outside agitation, inside negotiation, and tight coordination between the two. By connecting advocates with elected officials, we facilitate movement building.



We coordinate strategic legislative campaigns in multiple cities across the country, building momentum and fortifying a progressive infrastructure.

Local Progress dedicates resources to strategic campaigns in key cities in order to win pivotal legislative victories, build momentum, and elevate important issues to the national stage. By fighting and winning legislative victories in multiple cities at once, we can advance the progressive movement in ways that are impossible without trans-local coordination.


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