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Talking Points for Charlottesville

Talking Points

  • We denounce the “Alt Right” and other white supremacist groups that promote hate in our communities and divide amongst our people.
  • We call for the removal of racist confederate monuments in public spaces – not so that we turn a blind eye to history – but so we do not continually allow the symbols of treason and hate to cause trauma to those in our communities that suffered under them.
  • We demand that the President and the Justice Department name the perpetrators of hate and violence in our communities as terrorists and investigate the violence targeted at innocent members of communities as acts of terrorism.
  • We demand the dismantling of structures and institutions in our government at all levels that devalues, demonizes, and criminalizes black and brown members of our communities.
  • We call on the Administration to divert appropriate resources to fight domestic terrorism and hate crimes caused by hate groups and to end the government sanctioned terrorism of ICE agents and the police state.
  • The strength of our communities is rooted in the diversity of our people.
  • We embrace the ideas of a strong middle and working class, equal justice under law, sustainable and livable communities, and government that serves the public interest effectively.
  • The fight for social justice begins by organizing in our neighborhoods and communities.

Read our full statement here.

Photo: Dr. Wes Bellamy speaks during a counter-protest to “take back Lee Park” on Sunday night after torch-bearing protesters met up at the Charlottesville park Saturday night. Photo/Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress

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