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Webinar: Supporting All Students through ESSA Implementation

The passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) has created great opportunities to improve the quality of public education, as the bill seeks to give more decision-making power to state and local districts with less federal oversight.  School board members will be of particular importance, in helping to advocate for ESSA implementation in their districts.

Our March 7, 2016 webinar, co-hosted with NEA, focused on opportunities for local decision makers to organize and advocate for changes in the new law that support all students. We also discussed new opportunities to advocate for community schools that are embedded in ESSA.  Listen to the recording here. View the PowerPoint.

The speakers on the webinar were: :

  • Sarah Markey – Organizational Specialist, NEA-C4O ESSA Implementation Team
  • Donna Harris-Aiken – Department Director, NEA-GPS Dept. of Education Policy & Practice
  • Kyle Serrette – Director of Education, Center for Popular Democracy (moderator)

Check out the resources and organizations below that are providing guidance for ESSA implementation.



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