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How Cities Can Expand Voting Rights and Strengthen Democracy

June 27, 2013

Our panel of elected leaders and legal experts discussed about how cities across the country are adopting creative reforms that strengthen democracy. Panelists explained the different methods on how they are achieveing this. Some of the methods were by reducing the influence of corporate money on government by implementing public financing of local elections; ensuring that more eligible voters are registered and turn out to vote; and granting non-citizens and 16- and 17-year olds the right to vote in local elections.
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Slideshow Presentation of Webinar

Amy Loprest
Councilmember Tim Male (Takoma Park, MD)
State Senator Jamie Raskin (Montgomery Co., MD)
Wendy Weiser
Mayor Pro Tem Faith Winter (Westminster, CO)
Katrina Gamble



Local Progress Policy Brief on Voting Rights

Expanded Registration

News Article on Landlord Registration
Madison Landlord Registration Ordinance
Report on Registration in Digital Age

Non-citizen Voting

Article on Non-citizen Voting Rights
Jamie Raskin Article on Non-citizen Voting Rights

Lowering the Voting Age:

Article on Lowering Voting Age
Text of Voting Age Amendment

Public Financing:

Brief on Public Financing of Elections
Seattle Public Financing Info and FAQ
Brennan Report on Donor Diversity

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