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Building Inclusive Communities through Permanent Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an issue that impacts most of our communities. It can feel overwhelming to leaders and as if you can’t possibly keep up with what your community needs. Often this is because we can’t build new units as fast as our existing affordable units are lost due to rising markets and expiring affordability restrictions. 
On June 8th we heard from policy experts from the Grounded Solutions Network and real world examples from Greg Casar, an Councilmember from Austin, TX, Selene Colburn, a Councilmember from Burlington, VT, and Brian Pine of the VT Energy Investment Corporation, who have worked to create permanently affordable housing in their communities. Grounded Solutions Network provided an in-depth overview on permanent affordability in both the home ownership and rental markets, including information on the various models for creating permanent affordability such as  community land trusts, deed restricted homes and limited equity co-ops. Cities highlighted their local realities that pushed them to look for long-term solutions that would meet increased housing needs over time, such as moving beyond density bonus programs as Austin is currently doing.
Resource: Permanent Affordability Policy Brief
Recording available below.


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