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Resources on Progressive Infrastructure

President Trump has proposed to cut taxes on wealthy Wall Street investors by $137 billion and to privatize much of our nation’s infrastructure. Because infrastructure investments are so important to Local Progress members and your constituents in localities across the country, this Beltway Update features (1) information about best practices for local infrastructure investment and (2) a summary of the Trump proposal.

We hope that the information below will help you in your work on local infrastructure projects.


Smart Infrastructure Strategies for Your Locality
From clean drinking water to building schools to prevent classes so overcrowded kids can’t learn, from making sure our roads & bridges are safe to investing in resiliency to protect our communities from the devastating impacts of climate change — smart infrastructure investments are fundamental to our share lives in cities and towns, and therefore to the work of local elected officials.

Regardless of what happens in Washington DC, local elected officials can have a significant impact on what infrastructure gets built in the community and how it gets paid for. (75% of the funding for infrastructure in America comes from state and local governments). Unfortunately, Wall Street financiers often take advantage of municipalities with complicated financing schemes that do not serve the public interest.

Here are some resources on best practices for financing, talking about, and advocating for infrastructure investments. If your locality is embarking on an infrastructure project soon, we would be happy to put you in touch with the national experts who can help you ensure that it promotes your community’s best interests.


Messaging and Framing:

Best Practices:

Understanding Public-Private Partnerships:


Understanding Donald Trump’s “Infrastructure” Proposal

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to create many new jobs by investing $1 trillion in our nation’s infrastructure. For more details on how “Trump’s infrastructure plans could raise costs, enrich financiers, and fleece the public,” here are a few good reads:

  • In March, a coalition of 16 progressive and civil rights organizations and networks released a statement vowing to fight any infrastructure plan based on corporate giveaways. You can read the full statement here.

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